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Pueblo Wedding Ceremony Venues

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Best Western Academy Hotel
Contact: Suzy Esposito
8110 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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The Lodge at Pinecrest
Palmer Lake, CO 80133



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The Wedding Unity Ceremony

Although there are basic requirements to make a marriage legal, there are several ways you can personalize your ceremony with unity celebrations. Most people have seen a unity candle ceremony, but did you know there are other types unity ceremonies? Couples and their wedding officiates are creative and several variations on the unity ceremony have evolved over the years.

The fundamental message of the Unity Ceremony is “joining together of two into one”. The “two” can reflect the Bride and the Groom, the family of the Bride and the family of the Groom or even Mother, Father and respective children. While the meaning is always the same, a range of different accessories may be used to create your unique demonstration.

Unity Candle Ceremony
The unity candle ceremony consists of individual taper candles that are used simultaneously to light a central pillar candle. The mothers of the Bride and Groom or other significant members from each family light the taper candles early in the ceremony. Another option is to have the Bride and Groom light each individual candle and then jointly light the central pillar candle. Often, verses are read or special music is played during the lighting of the candles to express the union of two into one.

Unity Sand Ceremony
The Unity Sand Ceremony has become very popular in recent years. It's perfect for outdoor ceremonies where weather can create issues with lighted candles, and it creates a memorable keepsake from your ceremony.

For the Unity Sand Ceremony, select three decorative glass vases and place one color of sand into one vase and a second colour into another vase. This is designed to represent the Bride and Groom. At the appropriate point in the service the Groom pours a portion of his sand into the third vase. The Bride then pours a portion of her sand in on top of the Groom’s in the third vase. To conclude the Bride and the Groom jointly pour the remaining sand in each of their respective vases into the central vase. The commingling of the coloured sand is an impressive demonstration of two into one. When children are involved, simply add additional colors of sand and incorporate the children in the Sand Ceremony. It is a safe and meaningful way to symbolize the new blended family.

Your vases can be engraved with initials, names or the wedding date making them a spectacular keepsake for years to come. Unity sand ceremony vases and supplies are available at

Rose Unity Ceremony
Colored Roses are also sometimes used to create a memoriable unity ceremony. A series of three interlocking vases are used for this ceremony. The Mothers from each family place roses in the outside vases. These should be different but complementary colors and should include one rose for each member in the immediate family. One rose in each group can be identified with a personalize ribbon. This will symbolize the Bride and Groom. At the suitable time, the Bride and Groom will remove their rose from the family vases and replace it in the central vase signifying the blossoming of their new family.

The resulting floral display makes a beautiful addition for the Head Table or Guest Book Table at the Reception. Following the event, you can preserve the roses by hanging them upside down in a dark location. What a wonderful contribution to your box of keepsakes!

Other Pueblo Wedding Ceremony Venues - Request Your Free Basic Listing
Briarhurst Manor
404 Manitou Avenue
Colorado Springs CO   


Candlelight Wedding Chapel
411 Lakewood Circle B-107
Colorado Springs CO   


Christ Haven
Peter Stratton
178 Palmer Drive
Florissant CO  80816


Circles of Love Bible Church
William J. (Bill) Cole - Pastor
1839 S. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs CO  80916


Colorado State Parks
Shannon Tortorella
1313 Sherman Street #618
Denver CO  80203


Comfort Inn Airport
2115 Aerotech Dr.
Colorado Springs CO  80916


Creative Ministry
1710 Querida Dr
Colorado Springs CO   


Crescent Lily Inn
6 Boulder Ct
Colorado Springs CO   


Double Eagle Hotel & Casino
Amily Beidelman
422 E. Bennett Ave
Cripple Creek CO  80813


El Paso County Parks
Sabine Carter
2002 Creek Crossing
Colorado Springs CO  80906


Embassy Suites Colorado Springs
7920 Commerce Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80919


Lennox House B&B
1339 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs CO  80903


Pueblo Hotel & Conference Center
5150 Edison Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80915


Satellite Wedding Chapel
P.O. Box 8253
Colorado Springs CO  80910


Shove Chapel - Colorado College
14 E Cache La Poudre St
Colorado Springs CO   

719-389-6000 ext 6638

Special Accommodations
21 S. Tejon
Colorado Springs, CO



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